7+ Effective Hair Growth Tips that Actually Work!

Quick & Effective Hair Growth Tips That Work!

It’s the dream of a lot of women out there to have those long and shiny hair that they can flaunt. However, for making these dream possible for you, here are some hair growth tips that you should be aware of!

hair growth tips

Conditioner After Shampoo

Using a conditioner, preferably an organic one, will replace the lipids and proteins in the hair shafts after a bath and will also seal the cuticle to prevent further damage to your hair strands.

Eating Protein

Eating natural and good food is also an important part of growing amazingly long hair. For instance, protein, which is the basic compound needed for growing more cells in the hair, should be consumed at least twice a week sans the unhealthy oil and the extra spices for maximum benefits.

Oil Massage

An oil massage has tremendous benefits in hair growth ranging from adding nutrients to strengthening the hair. An essential oil massage is even better.

Brushing Hair Softly

While you might regularly brush your hair from the scalp to the end, it can cause tangling of the hair and make a large knot till the end that can be ripped off the scalp with enough force, thus leading to hair loss. To prevent this, brush your hair softly and start from the end to the scalp.


The clogged pores that contain excess sebum and dirt can be curbing your hair follicles from further hair growth. Just exfoliate it with some apple cider vinegar for allowing it to grow longer.

Using Microfiber Hair Towel

Once again, this is a more ‘prevention’ tip than the hair growth tips, but it’s still important to note that using a regular towel tends to trap the hair in their fibers leading to hair loss, which is why using a microfiber hair towel will decrease its chances.

Using Organic Products

Even though commercially sold hair care products are effective, they will ultimately lead to more harmful effects in the long run. Instead, we recommend using organic products for minimal damage.

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Cold Water Rinse

After every shower that you take, it’s a good habit to give your hair a cold water rinse that will prevent heat damage and moisture loss since it smoothly lays down the outer layer of hair. The effects won’t be immediate, but you will see a significant change in the long run.

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