7 Buttermilk Nutritional Benefits you Didn’t Know About!

Apart from having a rich culture and heritage, India has its own list of traditional drinks to boast of as well. Topping the charts is buttermilk, traditionally known as ‘chaas’. This sumptuous summer coolant has an extremely easy recipe and phenomenal nutritional assets. Let us introspect some of the best buttermilk nutritional benefits.

A Natural Cooler

To begin with, one of the leading benefits of buttermilk is its natural potential to cool the body temperature. So in the scorching heat of the summer months, let this refreshing and healthy drink provide you respite.

Facilitates Digestion

There are many of us who are regular patients of bouts of acidity and indigestion. Allopathic medications can certainly provide solutions, but nothing can surpass a natural remedy. Buttermilk is extremely rich in lactic acid content. By virtue of this asset, this traditional drink provides a soothing effect to the unwanted acidic juices in the stomach. Furthermore, when consumed after a hearty meal, buttermilk makes the body feel instantly lighter and agile.

Adds To Body Immunity

Amongst the many uses of butter milk lays its potential to strengthen the body’s immunity. The potassium and vitamin B complex present in it boosts the system and guards the body against diseases that one is especially prone to in the summer months.

Makes Bones Stronger

It is a universally known fact that calcium is important in the process of bone strengthening. Being a derivative of milk, buttermilk enhances the bone potential and makes the body stronger. This drink may also prove to be a very good alternative for those who for certain reasons find it difficult to digest whole milk.

Remedy for High Blood Pressure

The problem of high blood pressure is certainly on the rise these days. This medical problem only paves way to heart diseases. There is no definite cure that ensures reduction in blood pressure. Although the medical fraternity does not second the belief but many canvass the utility of butter milk towards blood pressure reduction. Instead of popping those pills that will only aggravate acidity levels in your body, give a try to this natural remedy and see the effect.

Keeps you Slim

The alternate medicine stream of Ayurveda vouches for the use of butter milk. It is strongly believed by Ayurveda loyalists that daily consumption of buttermilk cuts down the level of bad cholesterol in the body. This measure ensures safety from heart illness and also solves weight issues. In a very minimum period of time, butter milk is said to enhance the disintegration of the adipose tissue. This diminution of fat in the body helps you attain better body contours.

Offers Respite from Dehydration 

True to its designation of ‘perfect summer drink’, buttermilk is a potent cure for dehydration problems. Owing to its high content of water and cardinal electrolytes incorporating calcium, zinc and potassium; it aids in balancing the fluid content within the human body. It is very common to experience dehydration during the summer. Regular intake of butter milk will help you recuperate from the heat.

The summer heat in India can be overbearing. Since one cannot stop stepping out of the house, trying natural remedies for refreshment can certainly help. Explore the uses of butter milk and add health the delicious way!

buttermilk nutritional benefits

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