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7 Benefits of Using Emu Oil for Skin

emu oil for skin

7 Benefits of Using Emu Oil for Skin

Who could have ever thought that an ordinary flightless bird like emu could cast a rage in the sphere of beauty and medicine? Emu oil derived from the adipose tissues of this winged creature has assets surpassing many products in the realm of skin care. Be it for issues of scarring, allergies and sunburns; or the problems that come along with motherhood and aging, emu oil tops the charts.

Benefits of Using Emu Oil for Skin

When it comes to skin care, emu oil is rated par excellence. Here are some of the well known positives of this natural derivative.

  1. The skin encircling the eyes is the most sensitive. Therefore, be it stress or age, this area of your face is the first to be attacked. Explore the positives of emu oil with respect to diminishing of dark circles and those much repelling crow’s feet. Incorporating emu oil application in your daily beauty regime could revitalize your skin to provide the desired radiance.
  2. Application of emu oil on scars is believed to minimize the visible effects of the marks and in due course of time, may even act as catalyst towards acceleration of novel skin cell growth.
  3. Emu oil is a reservoir of medicinal attributes. Therefore, it is known to work like magic on skin allergies. Apt for sensitive skin application, emu oil has the potential to reduce inflammation, soreness and redness of skin. By virtue of mobilising the body’s inbuilt defense characteristics, this oil provides respite naturally without the fear of repercussions as in the case of prescription remedies.
  4. Pregnancy is definitely one of the most cherished phases of a woman’s life. However, the stretch marks that it could bring along are certainly not desirable. Meticulous application of emu oil during pregnancy provides elasticity to the skin, thereby eliminating the risk of stretch marks. The oil is also endowed with the calibre of working wonders on prevailing stretch marks by scrubbing the dead layers of skin and enhancing novel cell growth.
  5. Say a goodbye to the redness and irritability associated with sunburns. Laden with significant fatty acids, emu oil has the power to rejuvenate the skin and accelerate the process of cell renewal.
  6. Dry skin could be a consequence of weather conditions or thanks to the growing age. However, now you conveniently put an end to that suffering from perpetually dry skin. Emu oil penetrates to the deepest layer of skin after cutting through the seven dermal skin layers. Therefore, it renders complete and wholesome moisture to the skin.
  7. Finally, if you desire to re-capture your youth stop investing in those exorbitant chemically formulated anti-ageing creams. They may vouch to turn back the hands of time but probably will only empty your pockets in the bargain. Competently armed with the attributes of free radicals, oleic acid and sapogens, emu oil is naturally potent to combat all signs of ageing. Why opt for invasive and expensive procedures of Botox for retaining youth, when relatively simpler means are available.   

Mother Earth itself has an abundance of healing properties. Apart from the benefits of emu oil for skin rejuvenation, this product has a plethora of medicinal properties. Explore the realm of magical powers of this wondrous oil. The very next month, you will forego purchasing many commercial products that presently adorn your make up kit or dresser!

emu oil for skin

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  • Terry Nicholas
    Posted at 16:02h, 30 January Reply

    I am currently using a lotion that has Emu oil in it. It is mainly for dry, cracked hands and in the winter in the midwest, it is harsh on my skin. It works great and I recommend it to everyone!

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