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7 Benefits of Switching to a Macadamia Shampoo

macadamia shampoo

7 Benefits of Switching to a Macadamia Shampoo

Time to discover the goodness Macadamia shampoo packs in for your hair!

In the recent years, Macadamia oil has become super popular, and is added as a component in everything from skin creams and lotions to hair care products like hair oils and shampoos. And why not? This oil is believed to be enriched with large proportions of iron, phosphorus, B complex vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, and omega-7 fatty acid.

If you haven’t taken the plunge already, here’s a little motivation for you to! Read on to discover some of the best benefits of switching to a macadamia shampoo in specific!

Fights Hair Loss

Shampoos that contain Macadamia oil are often marketed as being reconstructive, nutritive and hydrating, and a lot of them do live up to that! Macadamia extracts contain certain fatty acids that help strengthen the hair follicles, which in turns, promotes hair growth and fights hair loss.

Reduction in Hair Breakage

Another reason why Macadamia shampoo should make it to your shopping list! Protein has been known to provide strength- whether consumed as food or applied topically. The protein content present in Macadamia shampoos strengthens and nourishes the hair follicles and scalp. Not only does it enhance the strength of the roots, but it also minimizes hair damage through breakage. Continuous application of this shampoo can also help repair hair damage, thereby resulting in healthy and beautiful hair.

Frizz Control

One of the best benefits of switching to a Macadamia based product for your hair is unmatched frizz control. If you’ve been struggling with unbearably unmanageable hair, get your hands on a Macadamia shampoo and you’re pretty much sorted! The vitamins and fatty acids that most of these shampoos contain coat the complete length of hair shaft and soothe the hair cuticles. This protective layering of the hair minimizes the frizz and makes hair more manageable.

Antioxidant Boost

Today’s customer wants to invest in products specifically highlighting antioxidants as one of the chief ingredients. Macadamia shampoo comes with this treasure as well. Potent antioxidants such as vitamin E and squalene present in this product combat the damaging effect of free radicals and restore strength of the hair shafts. Free radicals house the potential to even alter the structure of human DNA. Therefore, it is cardinal to save one’s hair from these repercussions.

Hydration & Shine

Regardless of whether you have dry hair, or your hair has lost its moisture with all the treatments and styling efforts, Macadamia extracts have the power to restore its shine. Most natural Macadamia shampoos also pack in palmitoleic acid as an ingredient, which hydrates your hair and gives it that natural shine and glossy look!

Silky Yet Not Greasy

All the exposure to environmental pollutants can leave your hair feeling dull and coarse. The result? You’re probably hunting for a nice leave-in conditioner or hair nourishing cream to protect your hair and have it looking full of life!

The downside though? Most of the products that you find today might condition your hair, but may turn out to be too sticky and greasy. Thankfully, Macadamia based products are anything but that. They nourish your hair and still leave them feeling silky, not sticky!

What’s more, a good percentage of products available today are loaded with chemicals, which aren’t good for your hair in the long run. Sticking to products that contain natural ingredients (such as Macadamia oil), can offer deep nourishment and lend your hair that healthy shine!

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