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5 Insanely Easy Tricks to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

good night's sleep

5 Insanely Easy Tricks to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Thanks to our easy access to Netflix and WiFi signals 24*7, getting a good night’s sleep seems too far-fetched. Even if Ariana Huffington wouldn’t have cared to mention it in her book, we already know that we are a part of a largely sleep deprived society.

There are several studies already pointing out to how the lack of sleep can take a toll on your health in innumerable ways, and even aggravate existing health conditions.

From re-charging our body and giving it the much needed rest after a long day of work to stimulating the regeneration of cells in the body, sleep does a lot.
So if you’re one of those who have trouble getting a good night’s sleep (for whatever reason), here are 5 nifty little tricks to help you out!

Awareness Breathing

This technique can be particularly helpful if you tend to have your mind racing with random thoughts just when your head hits the bed, and you end up pondering over stressful events that leave you feeling anxious and nowhere close to being asleep.

Simply take 3 long, deep breaths just before you lie down in bed- feel the coolness of the air in your lungs, and relish it. Now, as you lie down in bed, pay close attention to your breath-how the air travels in and out. This may be difficult at first, and you may find your attention wandering once again, and yet, gently, bring it back to focusing only on your breath.

This technique can calm down the mind and before you know it, you’ll be fast asleep.

good night's sleep


While taking a tech detox an hour before bedtime usually works wonders, a lot of us have the compulsive habit of checking every single social media account right before bedtime. In that case, limiting your exposure to light atleast an hour before bedtime can be really helpful.

So if you want to upload your selfies on Instagram, or send out a few emails right before you go off to sleep, do it in your bedroom, on your bed, with all the lights off.

Warm Bath

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a nice, long shower after a long tiring day. A warm bath is the most effective way to get into the ‘relax mode’ naturally, and you’ll be less likely to be wide up and awake for long. Ideally, take a bath half an hour before bedtime to doze off quickly and have a sound sleep.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

If you’re one of those who feel tired to the core, but for some reason, still can’t manage to sleep, here’s a little something for you. Progressive muscle relaxation is a simple technique that can be incredibly effective in inducing sleep fast.

As the term suggests, this technique focuses on paying attention to every part of your body and getting it into the relaxed stage. A lot of people often fall asleep in the middle of the process, so if you haven’t done it already, try your hands at it today!

Herb Power

What could be better than natural plant and herbal extracts when it comes to getting some extra help to get a good night’s sleep? Contrary to the popular belief, herbal extracts are not always harmful, and taken in the right amount, they can actually help induce sleep naturally without any side effects whatsoever.

Passionflower in particular, has been extensively used in South America to improve sleep quality and induce natural relaxation. Valerian is another effective herbal supplement that could be used to enhance sleep. You could also try using different essential oils for sleep if you’re got a diffuser. 

It is, however, important to note, that a practitioner’s advice is absolutely essential before you take any herb or herbal extracts.

Did any of these tricks work for you? Let us know in the comments box below!

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