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5+ Essential Oils For Skin Tags Removal!

essential oils for skin tags

5+ Essential Oils For Skin Tags Removal!

Uncovering the Best Essential Oils for Skin Tags

Whether you are in the beauty industry as a model or simply trying to look good for that special date, it’s important to get rid of those skin tags that ruin your look. But, instead of taking the usual chemical-laden cosmetic route, we suggest trying out some of these essential oils for skin tags!

essential oils for skin tags

Tea Tree Essential Oil for Skin Tags

Tea tree oil is one of our classic favorites when it comes to getting rid of various skin-related problems out there. Since they will extract all the moisture and oil out of the skin tags, it will cause the skin cells inside to die and fall off. Just make sure that you dilute the oil in a large amount of water to avoiding doing more harm than good to your skin.

Castor Essential Oil

Though castor oil has a terrible taste, it can also be useful in many cases where you don’t have to consume it at all, skin tags being one of those cases. You could apply it without anything else or combine it with baking soda to form a paste that’s more effective. Leave this paste overnight and wash the skin in the morning.

Sesame Essential Oil

Though sesame oil alone is also good for your skin, it’s a combination of sesame oil (8 tablespoons), basil essential oil (½ tablespoon) and oregano essential oil (1 tablespoon) that can really make a significant difference on your skin tags. Just dip a cotton ball in this mixture and apply it on the affected area.  

Oregano Essential Oil For Skin Tags

Due to the presence of phenolic acid which has antispasmodic, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, oregano oil makes it to our list of essential oils for skin tags. Like tea tree oil, just make it a note to dilute it in a carrier oil to get more positive results.

Rose Hip Seed Oil

Vitamin C and Fatty acids play as an important factor in the nourishment and healing process in the skin, with rosehip seed oil containing copious amounts of both of them. Just apply 1 or two drops of the essential oil on the affected area and lightly rub on it for 5 minutes. Do this several times a day.

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