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5+ Essential Oils For Hot Flashes Relief! - Beauty Junction Online 5+ Essential Oils For Hot Flashes Relief! - Beauty Junction Online

5+ Essential Oils For Hot Flashes Relief!

Uncovering the Best Essential Oils for Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are the feverish heat that a woman faces during the end of her menstruation period. They are also accompanied by night sweats, and can be quite discomforting if not taken care of. But, instead of going the regular over-the-counter medicine way, why not try some of these essential oils for hot flashes?

Geranium Essential Oil For Hot Flashes

Since geranium essential oil is an excellent hormone regulator, it is often used in dealing with the symptoms of PMS. It also has mood alleviating properties and detoxifying properties to get you a more cleaner body and a more peaceful mind, thus taking care of those mood swings as well.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Through improvement of the brain’s ability to concentrate and it’s stamina to keep thinking properly, peppermint essential oil takes care of those headaches common with the PMS symptoms. Its refreshing aroma also tackles hot flashes, treats joint aches, and improves overall health.

Cypress Essential Oil For Hot Flashes

Akin to geranium essential oil, cypress essential oil also balances the hormonal levels to take care of those hot flashes and detoxifies your body all the while in order to get rid of any toxins that might be intensifying those hot flashes. Excessive emotional problems are also cured by cypress essential oil by giving your body a relaxing and soothing effect, allowing you to think straight.

Clary-Sage Essential Oil

Aside from healing the regular symptoms of PMS such as menstrual cramps, night sweats and hot flashes, clary-sage essential oil also takes care of other problems such as low blood pressure and insomnia. It’s sedative properties allows for a better sleep and preventing abrupt wake-ups due to hot flashes.

Lime Essential Oil

If you prefer a rather sour taste than a sweet one like lemon, then lime essential oil is the one for you. It has stimulating and uplifting effects on the body. It rids your body of infections, detoxifies it, and takes care of hot flashes in no time!

So, do you have any more essential oils for hot flashes that you would like to share with us? Leave a comment down below!

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