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4+ Happy Hormones That Your Body Needs!

happy hormones

4+ Happy Hormones That Your Body Needs!

Understanding the Happy Hormones that Your Body Needs

In case you are wondering why we are associating hormones with an emotion, here’s why: hormonal changes and its secretion directly or indirectly affects your mood. So, they are basically those hormones which when secreted, directly or indirectly changes your mood to a happier state. So, which are those so-called ‘happy hormones’, you ask? Well, let’s find out!


While it might be true that you get those ‘butterflies’ every time you hug or kiss someone you love, the scientific reason behind those ‘butterflies’ or rush of happiness is that your body releases oxytocin whenever physical contact is achieved with someone you value. An even larger quantity of it is released during intercourse or childbirth.


You might have heard of some drugs and other substances such as marijuana being termed as ‘dope’. The word stems from the hormone ‘dopamine’ which your body products in abnormally large amounts under the influence on those substances but otherwise the feeling of pleasure you get when you achieve a goal, score an A in a test or win in a competition is due to dopamine.


Endorphins aren’t happy hormones per se, but they do act as a natural painkiller for the body, which are produced during our body’s anaerobic periods (periods when there is a lack of oxygen). This is the same reason that blisters only seem to hurt us after we’ve done a strenuous workout session and not before, due to endorphins blocking the pain out.


The secretion of serotonin is simply associated with an overall better mood and hence doesn’t pertain to a particular form of happiness. Lack of serotonin can cause irritation and even lead to depression in some cases. You can increase the serotonin in your body naturally by meditating, getting more sunlight, having positive thoughts and consuming certain foods like milk and corn.

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A word of caution

While these hormones are naturally produced by your body, externally introducing them in your body in an unprescribed manner such as through drugs or smoking cannabis can lead to overstimulation and an abnormal amount of those hormones which will ultimately steer clear of them. Thus, steer clear of them and only increase it naturally through foods if you want.

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