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4+ Fat Burning Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss!

fat burning detox water

4+ Fat Burning Detox Water Recipes for Weight Loss!

Top Fat Burning Detox Water Recipes Uncovered!

With the world indulged in the most sedentary lifestyle possible, where it’s common for at least one meal of the day to belong to a takeout restaurant or a fast food chain, it gets important to detoxify your body and lose fat if aim to stay in shape and keep your body healthy.

fat burning detox water

Sure, exercising is good and so is eating healthy, but what about we gave you a natural shortcut to losing more weight? It’s no scam, we swear! Fat burning detox water is what we call it, and it’s basically nothing but a recipe that consists of water and other fat-burning and detoxifying elements to help you lose weight and stay clean.

Apple Cider Vinegar

If we were to name one substance in the world as the ultimate health elixir, it’ll definitely be apple cider vinegar. By far, this is one of the healthiest foods out there, being able to single-handedly take care of a myriad of health problems. Mixing it with water and then drinking it will take care of both the toxicity in your body and the dehydration whilst adding other health benefits such as better digestive system, immunity, antioxidants, radiant skin and so on.

Citrus Mint Detox Water

While citrus fruits and water are the main ingredients in this variant of  fat burning detox water, the mint helps in making it a bit more refreshing and good for the taste buds. The drink brings down stress and offers a refreshing flavor, while the citrus and water take care of detoxification and hydration.

Apple Cinnamon Detox Water

If you are really conscious about your calorie count, then making this apple cinnamon detox water drink is the one for you. Aside from the same old detoxification and hydration, this detox water also helps by increasing metabolism, which really helps in burning fat and losing weight by boosting energy through breakdown of fat molecules.

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Strawberry Infused Vitamin Water

The anti-inflammatory properties coupled with the exquisite taste in strawberry infused vitamin water helps you keep your skin healthy and also relieves you of acid reflux to some extent, not to mention the fat burning, detox and hydration that it excels at is also introduced in your body.

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