Coconut oil has been in use as a beauty treatment since centuries and even today, it forms an important constituent of several soaps, moisturizers and beauty products. So what’s really amazing about coconut oil, and what is it that makes it an absolutely effective remedy for several skin and hair concerns?

Keep reading to know that and much more on the benefits of using coconut oil for dry hair in specific.

Reduced Protein Loss

Proteins are an important building block of hair, and are responsible for keeping the hair strong as well. Coconut oil has been found to help decrease the amount of protein loss that occurs when you shampoo or wash your hair, thereby protecting it against breakage.

Intense Moisturization

One of the obvious benefits of using coconut oil for dry hair is the fact that it offers intense moisturization that can get back the shine in even the most dull and dry hair. Coconut oil actually works by penetrating the hair and binding to its internal proteins, thereby improving its ability to hold on to water molecules and stay nourished.

Protection Against Hair Damage

Improper detangling and combing your hair in the wrong way could also lead to hair damage- coconut oil has earned the reputation for protecting the hair against this form of damage by lubricating it and allowing the comb to glide through easily.

Reduce Hygral Fatigue

Hygral fatigue is basically a fancy name for the stress that the hair faces when water enters and leaves the hair shaft. While this process is natural, it tends to cause breakage of hair, and that’s where coconut oil comes in. Using this oil before washing your hair can protect the hair from hygral fatigue to a considerable extent.

Effortless Detangling

One of the best benefits of using coconut oil for dry hair is the fact that it detangles the hair effortlessly and thereby reduces breakage due to repetitive brushing of hair. Plus, it also lends a vibrant sheen to the hair and makes it look healthier and shinier.

Dandruff Treatment

Applying warm coconut oil to the scalp can be an excellent natural way to reduce dandruff and keep the scalp moisturized and healthy. Best of all, unlike other anti-dandruff treatments, coconut oil doesn’t come packed with chemicals and additives that may damage your hair.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

Exposure to pollutants and extensive hair treatments can leave the hair dry, rough and damaged. Coconut oil works wonderfully in repairing this kind of damage by offering deep conditioning and strengthening the hair from within.

Improved Hair Growth

Coconut oil can also be an impressive remedy for better hair growth. The proteins and nutrients that are found in coconut oil are excellent for the growth and development of hair.

Split End Prevention

Using coconut oil to moisturize your hair once or twice a week can offer many benefits, and best of all, it could also help prevent split ends. Coconut oil enters the hair shaft and leaves it soft and improves its elasticity naturally.

Relief from Scalp Conditions

The natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties of coconut oil make it a good remedy for scalp infections. It also acts as an effective lice treatment and reduces the risk of fungal infections of the scalp as well.

coconut oil for dry hair


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