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10 Simple Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

simple hair care tips

10 Simple Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

Top 10 Hair Care Tips for All Hair Types

Curly hair, straight hair, frizzy hair, wavy mane or thick mop-no matter what your hair type is, proper maintenance and care is an absolute must! Our hair are like any other body part which need regular cleaning, grooming and attention. Since hair is made up of protein, maintaining good hygiene and having a healthy diet is important to make the mane look beautiful and damage free.  The following are some of the simple hair care tips and suggestions for all hair types.

Use a Good Shampoo

Ofcourse, the best way of daily hair care is to shampoo your mane regularly using a good quality shampoo which does not contain any sulphates or parabens.  The shampoo must not eliminate the natural oils of the hair and should suit your hair type

Condition Your Hair

A lot of people ignore this important hair care step but conditioning your hair after shampooing is also extremely crucial.  You can either condition using a store bought product or can also make your own conditioner using natural ingredients.

Keep it Dry

In our busy lives, we often are in the hurry to comb or brush the hair before letting them dry out completely but this can leave hair brittle and may cause breakage.  The better idea is to let the hair dry out either naturally or using blow dryer at low heat.

Choose the Right Comb

The kind of comb and brush you use can also determine the way your hair health is. Always detangle your hair using a wide toothed comb and do not brush your hair too much

Focus on Hair Oils

Hair oiling atleast once or twice a week using natural hair oil is also a great way to maintain hair health.

Tie it Up

No matter what your hair type is, it is always advisable to keep hair tied whenever possible. But keep in mind that tying your hair too tightly can also cause breakage so go gentle.

Trim it Regularly

The best way to eliminate the split ends and keep your hair maintained is to get a hair trim on a regular basis.  If you do not find the time to visit a salon, give your hair a trim at home on your own.

Control Hair Damage

Too much heat and styling can leave hair unhealthy, brittle and damaged. Thus avoid styling, bleaching, straightening or blow drying your hair too much. An occasion session is fine but too much of it can cause hair breakage as well.

Eat Healthy

A healthy diet can lead to a healthy mane. It is a good idea to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, a balanced diet rich in protein, fruits, whole grains and fiber as well as plenty of vitamin C.

Beat Stress

The way you feel has a direct impact on the way your hair look. Focus on natural remedies for stress and stay on a more positive outlook- it won’t just have an impact on your hair but other areas of your life too!

hair care tips for all hair types

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