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10 Best Fiber Supplements for Weight Loss – Reviewed!

fiber supplements for weight loss

10 Best Fiber Supplements for Weight Loss – Reviewed!

Struggling to get back in shape? Hate having to exercise so much and then finally giving in to your cravings- wasting all your efforts? Weight loss supplements can turn out to be really helpful- they work in several ways, supporting your actual weight loss efforts and helping you see the difference faster- keeping you motivated to shed off those extra pounds!

Fiber supplements in particular are really effective in keeping weight in check, and promoting weight loss as well. These supplements basically improve bowel function, reduce constipation and also help keep you feeling ‘full’ which keeps you from binge eating and tricks your body into thinking you’ve eaten enough- thereby reducing calorie intake as well!

The Best Fiber Supplements for Weight Loss

Here we’ve reviewed the 10 best fiber supplements for weight loss available online, which will help you take your pick from the tons of options available out there! Also, don’t forget to have a talk with your healthcare provider before you start taking any of these supplements for your weight loss routine, especially if you’re already on certain medications, or suffer an illness.

Manitoba Harvest Organic Hemp Pro Fiber Protein Supplement

Packed with lots of fiber and plant based protein, this supplement is available at a reasonable price of a little above $8. Plus, it also packs in omega 3 fatty acids which are great for heart, brain and skin health. Simply add it to your smoothies or oatmeal, and enjoy a healthy breakfast!

NOW Foods Psyllium Husk Capsules

Psyllium husk is one of the best natural foods that acts as an excellent digestive system regulant, and doubles up as an effective weight loss supplement as well. The downside is, gulping down psyllium husk with a glass of water is, well, difficult. If that sounds like you, these capsules are the perfect lifesaver. These capsules are just what they claim to be- an excellent natural source of fiber- all set to help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Fiber Capsules Kirkland Therapy for Regularity/Fiber Supplement

Another variant of the same psyllium husk capsules, these supplements are popular as a powerful natural laxative. Each capsule is said to contain around 0.52 g of psyllium husk, which works as a bulk forming laxative which keeps your digestive system clean, and speeds up weight loss.

Philips Fiber Gummies

Wait what? Chewable fiber gummies? Really? Yes that’s right! Packed with lots of inulin fiber, these gummy supplements help promote regularity in bowel movements and help you lose weight- the tasty way! And yes, they’re sweetened with the natural sweetener, which means you don’t have to worry about extra calories! Definitely a great pick if you’re confused about which fiber supplement to pick.

Garden of Life RAW Organic Fiber

Talk about multitasking, and that’s exactly what this fiber supplement does! From helping the body eliminate toxins to regulating bowel movement, from boosting cardiovascular health to establishing balance in the gut flora- this supplement does a lot! The packaging claims that it also helps keep blood cholesterol levels in check in addition to speeding up weight loss, and regulates blood glucose levels. Best of all, it is lactose free, raw, vegan, organic, dairy free and gluten free! But wait there’s more- it also contains powerful omega 3 fatty acids obtained from flax and chia seeds- a complete package for overall health!

Fiber Choice Weight Management Sugar Free Chewable Strawberry Tablets

Here’s yet another version of chewable supplements that pack in the goodness of fiber in a sweet and tasty form. These tablets also claim to help boost colon and immune system health, and curb cravings as well- another great option!

Slim African Mango Cleanse

As the name suggests, this supplement contains African mango extracts, which act as a natural laxative thanks to its fiber content, and also helps suppress appetite, thereby supporting weight loss. Some studies have also found that these extracts help stimulate the breakdown of fat cells and boost metabolism.

Optimum Colon by Dr Tobias

Considering a colon cleanse diet? Colon cleanses are known to be highly efficient in ridding your body of all the toxins, including excess fat. This supplement is packed with fiber, herbs, natural laxatives and lactobacillus, all of which promote digestive health and speed up weight loss. Before you grab this, however, make sure you have your doctor’s ‘okay.’

NutriGold Glucomannan GOLD

A rich source of Konjac root fiber, these supplements promise to be free from artificial preservatives, fillers and binders, and work as an extraordinary source of fiber which promotes weight loss. This bulking agent also makes you feel ‘full’ and therefore, you’re less likely to binge eat.

Weight loss supplements will not have you see miraculous effects in a week, but yes, you’ll notice a gradual improvement in your digestive health as you start to take them, and will be able to lose weight more effectively.

Remember that dietary supplements aren’t your one-stop-solution to losing weight. Getting back in shape requires a combination of a healthy low calorie diet teamed up with supplements and regular exercise. Do that and you’ll be able to slip into your old jeans once again. 

fiber supplements for weight loss


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